Monday, September 29, 2008

No Such Thing as "Issues"

When I first got the concept that I didn't have to "go back" and re-hash or clean up anything from the past -- one that was hard to accept, due to many years of 12-step training -- and then began earnestly and willingly working with the contrast in my life as the source of my creative power and freedom -- which is pretty recent for me -- I began to think that there aren't really any "issues". It's all part of the life we came to create.

What is an "issue" anyways? Something we don't like, that we've focused on for longer than an insignificant amount of time and have created a story around that, whenever we think it, doesn't feel very good. And because we've been ignoring that wonderful indicator of how we feel, the story gets more and more ingrained in us.

"I'm selfish."

"I'm fat."

"Nobody loves me."

"Nobody understands me."

"No one will find me sexually attractive."

"I can't stop eating/drinking/smoking/drugging/crying/failing, etc...."

"My parents screwed me up."

I realize many of these hurt like the dickens (haven't used that phrase in ages! hehehe!). But that hurt is just a result of our continual focusing on these things. And by continually focusing on them, we over identify with them and they become stories.

Simply by understanding what the pain means, working with the contrast held within the experience and finding a better feeling story, the "issue" changes. And most importantly, whether it changes in an hour or in a year, we feel better.

Which though feels better? Which thought feels better? Which though feels better?

We have a choice!! Yay!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

When Your Heart Is Singing...

"When your heart is singing, you are allowing Well-being. When you are appreciating, you are allowing Well-being. When you are yelling at somebody, you're not. When you're feeling insecure, you're not. When you're frustrated, you're not."

~ Abraham-Hicks, from a workshop in St. Louis, MO on Tuesday, July 18th, 2000

This was very instrumental to me today. Early this morning, I got word that my current consulting position would be ending a few weeks earlier than expected. I had hoped to stay through October 22nd, but powerful creative forces are at work.

For one, I really wasn't happy there for the last many weeks. But I did something Abraham told me in August -- I rolled up my sleeves (mentally and emotionally) and got in their and CHOSE to play with the contrast. I leveraged the negative emotions and kept the focus on the wonderful unfolding of my future vision and my desires and how exciting that is for me.

All that work seems to be paying off, because despite thinking I needed the extra 4 weeks on the job in order to launch one of my new businesses, I'm now inspired to launch it early, which actually feels like perfect timing!

And when I realized I was angry after this news, I knew I had a choice -- keep telling (in my head) a story of injustice, unfairness, "it's too soon", "I'm not ready", etc.... OR forget about justifying my anger and figure out how this is the best thing that could ever have happened. Not to mention see this occurrence as something I created, as a part of the Universe orchestrating amazingly on my behalf, and celebrate and appreciate this unfolding.

Once again, within about an half hour to an hour, I had completed leveraged my anger, through the power of alignment, into exuberance, excitement, abundance and a strong feeling of endless possibilities.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everything is Unfolding Perfectly

This morning I awoke quite late. I needed the sleep. I've had tons of energy and movement and expansion lately. Between what's going on at work and then working on my new business and re-incarnation of my Emotional Wizardry class.

Anyways, while slumbering in the early stages of waking up, I had a wonderful thought. "Everything is unfolding perfectly."

Some might call this polyannish, or overly optimistic, given the crazy headlines lately (which I'm not reading currently because I'm on a media fast!). Others might even think this is an attempt to convince myself or whistle in the dark, if you will.

But what those people are missing is that for me, the thought makes me feel good! It reminds me that all is well and that nothing can damage my being! It sets me back on course and back in faith of the eternally expanding nature of things. It's a good thought.

Remember, it's no longer about the power of positive thinking. It's about the power of positive FEELING by focusing on thoughts that feel good. The ones that work for me may not work for you. So find some good-feeling thoughts today.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heavy (or is it Heavenly?) Contrast

Looks like I've got some more contrast up lately. By lately I mean the last week or two. It's funny because back in April when I went back to work, the contrast was up big time: credit cards in arrears; new work and commuting routines; portions of rent being slightly late (thank God for a great landlord!); disillusionment around my real estate investing and deep questions about what to do next.

Within about 3 to 4 months, all that calmed down for the most part. Although I had some healthy contrast in late July regarding my side business and all. But pretty much since mid-July to late August was a lovely, smooth, steady period.

It was much needed. I just relaxed and let things flow.

But in late August, as I was getting ready to announce my new Emotional Wizardry class, I was getting more antsy and anxious about things: unrest at work; feeling bored and distracted; caring less about the quality of my work; and that age-old "I'm not a career/employee person" story. Sure it's a valid preference of mine. But telling it as a story doesn't help but serve up some contrast.

I've even received a little bit more financial contrast and challenges. A firm stance from one of my lenders. Another financial matter causing desire for more income. And some changes in my bills and expenses.

In characteristic human observer mode, I've been getting a bit worried. To the point that it's been effecting my outlook and what I've been doing on a daily basis. But tonight, something clicked energetically in my head: I'm ready to move on.

Now that doesn't mean leave my contract job right now. It just means that energetically, I'm ready and wanting something different, more expansive, more serving of what I want. For one, I'd love my freedom of schedule back. For two, I'd love to make money simply by selling information products. And yes, maybe it even means leaving my contract job when the project is over. But what's great about this "click" is the feeling of being ready. I felt it very viscerally. And as soon as I did, I felt immense relief.

See, I have an old, old story about working for anyone other than myself. That story is that I will get stuck there, eventually bored, listless and unable to be of service. I used to try to push my way through. Or I'd leave before my time was due. But tonight, what I realized in this "click" was that I don't need to physically leave or make a change -- or even energetically leave -- in order to get what I want. I'm not stuck. I'm already becoming the new person I want to be. I've been setting that up for a long while now. And I've finally got something -- a message with products I can create around it -- that I can bring out to the world.

So my expanded self is already out there paving the way, playing the vanguard of my desires, while I can stay put in my current situation and milk it energetically for all it's worth.

I think this is what Abe was trying to tell me when I last took the hot seat.

Hmmm. Very interesting.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Alignment, Not Action, Produces Results.

On July 17th of this year I was given a profound vision of my life's work in the world. It came about as a result of some deep personal inquiry about how to advance to the next level of my consulting. I asked myself what, if anything, from my entire life, can I say I am an expert at? What do I know so firmly and powerfully that I could happily and easily teach it to anyone? What message do I want truly to carry out to the world?

As though a floodgate had opened, it occurred to me quite clearly, that I am an expert at the heart-space and emotions! Not just the emotions themselves but how they are a gateway into more power, freedom and ultimately greater creative control of our lives.

This last year and a half of hardship, contrast and expansion has taught me plenty about that. I struggled and suffered week after week through financial insecurity, driven deeper into the commitment to feel better -- no matter what -- before taking any outward actions. This flew in the face of much of what I had learned after 20 years in a 12-step program, not to mentioned the story all the successful people have been telling around me these last 18 months.

"You have to push through!"
"No pain no gain!"
"You can't think your way into a solution. You must act your way into it!"

Action, action, action. Millionaire guru after guru spoke to me about how important action was, that the millionaire mindset wasn't enough. And now, after over a year of action resulting in very little and leverage of the power of emotions resulting in so much more, I am convinced that, although action is important. It's alignment that is the most important. And our feelings are the gateway to that alignment. Only from there can we take truly right action, inspired action.

But it's not the action that produces the results. It's the alignment. And to carry this message to the world, I have created a workshop called Emotional Wizardry, through which I will teach the power of the leverage of emotions.

And I'm soooo excited! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Way I Feel Matters More Than Anything Else!

This morning I awoke feeling awesome (for a minute) then rolled over and started thinking about an email I received last night from a friend I have borrowed a large sum of money from. Ooh, bad move....

Needless to say, before I even got out of bed, I was feeling completely torn up about the situation, distressed , worried and disappointed.

But, thanks to the last year and a half of experience dealing with this nasty mornings, I knew that I was having those gnarly feelings because of the perspective I was choosing right then -- one of doom and gloom, things not working out the way we hoped, uncertainty and powerlessness, etc. I knew I had the choice -- and the power -- to feel better, without taking a stitch of external action. All just in my mind. So I worked for a few minutes trying to find a thought or story I could just feel even an ounce better about. Within about a half hour, I had created a whole new story of increased prosperity, abundance, financial responsibility, completion of the debt and a great celebration of the closure.

The rest of the day, I was able to call up that story again, when I felt worried about the situation, and replay it in my mind. And I got the same great feeling result. So much so, that most of today, I was walking around feeling a significantly improved vibration about every topic in my life -- even romance, which I've been a bit disgruntled with of late.

How did I know this? Well, for one, I felt great -- about everything. Even work. And for two, a really attractive woman glanced at me approvingly today as I was walking cross a street and I felt bold enough to look at her directly at a while till we both smiled. I even felt a little bit of a rush. So I knew I was "on" as we say.

I'm telling you -- this s*&t works! Faster and more simply and profoundly than any techniques I have learned through other sources. That's why I feel utterly compelled to teach these emotional-mental tricks to everyone!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Absolute Contentment

Tonight, I came home from work utterly exhausted. I was spent to the max! And I was supposed to have dinner with a friend this evening. So the minute I got home, I put some Thieves oil blend all over my head and neck -- I was feeling just a tinsy bit sickly -- and immediately plopped down on my oh-most-comfortable couch for a nap.

My friend arrived at about 8:00 and I awoke feeling groggy but much better. We walked over to Jerry's Deli and proceeded to have the most lovely dinner, chatting and keeping each other company. Comfort food, as she called it. It was delicious. And her company was lovely.

I came home in absolute contentment. I love that feeling.